MI Auth Flashing (Qualcomm) – INDIA


Remotely flash the device in EDL Mode with TeamViewer. (Qualcomm Processor Only) – INDIAN REGION ONLY

MI Auth Flashing (Qualcomm) – INDIA Only

To order this services following steps must be considered.

For Qualcomm Snapdragon Processor:

1. Device must be ready in EDL Mode(Emergency Download Mode). In case of hardbrick if the device bootloader is already unlocked, just by normally connecting the usb cable to PC connects the device in EDL mode automatically. It can be found under Device manager->Ports(COM & LPT)->Qualcomm HS-USB QDLoader 9008(COM XX).

If the device is stuck in Boot-Loop or logo stuck and device bootloader is unlocked, you can enter EDL mode through fastboot Mode. For this, first boot the phone in fastboot mode by pressing power and volume down at once while phone is switched off, after fastboot logo appears. Then, open platform tools or adb tools and in powershell window type command “fastboot device” then hit enter after it will show the list of attached device to PC under fastboot mode. Then, again type the command “fastboot oem edl” it will boot into EDL mode. You can confirm it by checking the device manager.

In Some Case EDL Mode is connected unless QDLoader HS-USB Driver is installed on PC, If you already tried connecting EDL mode and its not connecting you can try installing the following driver.You Can Download it From Here, [ 32 Bit Download Link ]  [ 64 Bit Download Link ]

2. Find My Device of the phone must be turned off before placing the order. You can check it by clicking BY CLICKING HERE. If its turned off you can proceed to the order. If not, then you can turn it off BY CLICKING HERE .

3. You must have the fastboot rom of your device according to its variant(Global, Chinese, Russian, Indian etc.). In case of wrong rom once EDL is authenticated, no refund is processed.

4. You must download latest version of TeamViewer in your PC. DOWNLOAD TEAMVIEWER BY CLICKING HERE.