How To Solve Redmi K20 Pro System Has Been Destroyed For Xiaomi Phone

How to Unbrick any Xiaomi Device with Locked Bootloader

There Are Two Alternate Way To Unbrick From System Has Been Destroyed And Soft Brick Or Hard Brick

1.Unbrick EDL Method / Locked Bootloader


UPDATE: EDL Method needs an authorized Xiaomi account. Those who have no authorized accounts cannot Sucessfully this method. So Cointract Us Via Telegram Or Website & Whataaps Mods can help you to get Solution For Your Device . Please visit Telegram Group.

Step No 1

At first download all the files mentioned up, Now remove your device’s back shell and Find EDL Pins. It should be there somewhere upside battery. Check the picture so that you will understand what is EDL Pins Or Your Device If Already in EDL (Emergency Download Mode Then Skip ) EDL-Qualacom 9008 Com (_30)

For Edl (Qualacom 9008 Port Com 4

Now disconnect your battery from the motherboard.We don’t need the battery connected in EDL Mode. Then short that two EDL Pins with forceps and connect USB Cable with Phone at the same time (make sure the cable is connected with pc and pc is turned on). Check the picture

Now open Device Manager and you’ll see something like this

Step 2

Now open Mi Flash Tool and refresh it, you’ll see your device

Now Download Fastboot ROM for your Device from here.

For Downloading Fastboot Rom you’ve to check these things that if your device is Global Variant then you’ve to download Latest Global Beta Rom, if your device is Chinese Variant then you’ve to download Latest China Beta ROM. If you flash Global Rom in Chinese variant it won’t boot with a locked bootloader (Read More). So make sure your device variant and then download ROM.
Now extract the Rom (check if the ROM file suffix is ‘.tgz’. If it is ‘.gz’, please rename it to ‘.tgz’). Select the Rom Folder in Mi Flash Tool (Make sure there is no space in the rom address if there rename all folders with an under space (_). The address should like this,  C:\Users\Akib\Desktop\whyred_global_images_8.7.12_20180712.0000.00_8.1_global
After doing this check the option ‘clean all’ at the bottom of the tool. Then Flash it. When it will successfully be flashed, connect your battery, cover the back shell and power on the device. It should boot up. 🙂

Here Is Some Rom K20 Pro

Redmi K20 Pro IndiaStableFastbootV12.0.4.0.QFKINXM10.03.0 GB2020-12-21
Redmi K20 Pro ChinaStableFastbootV12.0.6.0.QFKCNXM10.03.7 GB2020-12-09

Step 3

Select Rom Which You Extracted From Folder And Login With Autorized Edl Authencation ID

Step 4

Once Login Sucesfull Via Authorized Account Then Start On FLash T

Once Flash Done Then Phone Automatically Booting In MIUI If Not Turn On Then Give In Charge For 30 Minute For Charge Then Turn On This IS Hou You Out From Problem.

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Step 2 For K20 Pro System Has been detsroyed

System has been destroyed
What I did:
1. Panicked a little
2. Started my lappy
3. MiUnlock Tool was pre installed v3.xx
4. It took almost 10 minutes to show login prompt. Connected device in fastboot. It failed to recognise device. Started MiFlash. It did recognise the device.
5. Downloaded latest MiUnlock. It too failed to recognise device.
6. Downloaded XiaoMiTool v2
7. It detected the device fastboot serial correctly
8. Manually selected model Raphael.
9. Started with My device is bricked
10. It detected locked bootloader. Opened its own version of Unlock Tool. Logged in to binded Mi Account. (My Mi Account n the binded one is same)
11. Unlocked.
12. Tool went on ahead with waiting for device to boot in fastboot mode.
13. I removed the device n forced boot in recovery mode. Ofox showed “Updating” n booted in orange ofox screen.
14. Rebooted system
15. Newly flashed Eu 21.2.3 started initial setup.
No data lost.

Part Two – How to get rid of Fake Global Rom/Custom MIUI Rom, Fake Unlock
How to check if your device has fake global rom? Go to About Phone  Rom Version. If you see the version is something like this xx.xx.xx.xx.xx.xx then your device has fake global rom. Official Rom should like this xx.xx.xx.xx That means in official rom version there is only four sections of numbers and three dots. Also, do a search in Google and check that the version is official or fake! In Fake Rom you will not receive any OTA Updates. Or even you cannot unlock your bootloader, because there is a fake unlock installed. To check to go to Developer Options of your device and see Mi Unlock Status, it will see Unlocked, but if you check through fastboot command ‘fastboot oem device-info’. it will say locked.
So how to get rid of it? Do what is said in Part One carefully. Now you have an official rom installed. You can receive OTA updates and also unlock your bootloader now!
Part Three – How to Unlock BootloaderWanna unlock bootloader? Do at your own risk [All in One] MIUI Flashing Guide: Unbrick, EDL Method / Locked Bootloader, Unlock Bootloader, MoreImportant: The risks stated above do not fully cover changes which may be brought about by Mi Unlock.We will keep improving Mi Unlock in order to prevent the cases when unauthorised vendors unlock Mi devices to install third party apps which worsen MIUI user experience and cannot to be deleted. Locked devices also provide you with high-quality security features, such as Find device, and other added-value services. We’re sorry for any inconveniences our policies may cause. Please think twice before unlocking if you are not familiar with ROM flashing.

Risks of unlocking Mi Devices?

  • By unlocking the device you agree that this may bring changes to some parts of the system. These changes may damage the device.
  • After the device is unlocked, it becomes less secure and more vulnerable to malware attacks, which may lead to the disclosure and loss of your private data.
  • Some features which require high-security level (e.g., Find device, banking apps, added-value services, etc.) will no longer be available.

Note: The unlocking process will erase all your data on the device. So don’t forget to take backup.

  • Go to Settings — About Phone — Tap on MIUI Version 5-7 times to enable the developer option).
  • Then, go to Settings — Additional settings — Developer option and bind your Mi account under Mi Unlock Status.
  • Log into the Mi account which has acquired unlocking permission on your device
  • Go to Settings — Mi Account — Account security — Devices — Other devices and remove all other devices associated with your Mi Account.
  • Go to Settings — Additional settings — Developer options — Enable USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
  • Also, Turn on Internet connection, Bind Your Mi Account. Go to Settings — Additional settings — Developer options —  Mi Unlock Status –Tap Add Account and Device.


  • On-device go to bootloader mode (press the Power button and Volume – button at the same time to enter bootloader mode).
  • Connect the phone with PC using USB Cable.
  • Open Mi Unlock Tool. Login into your account (the same account should be logged in on your device)
  • It will say Device Connected. Tap Unlock.
  • If you see 360/720/1440 hours bind error, then you have to wait for 360/720/1440 hours and then try again.

Hola! Your Bootloader is unlocked! [All in One] MIUI Flashing Guide: Unbrick, EDL Method / Locked Bootloader, Unlock Bootloader, More

Part Four – How to Flash Fastboot Rom with Unlocked bootloader
NOTE: You can use any (China/Global:Beta/Stable) Fastboot Rom when your bootloader is unlocked.

  • Download Fastboot Rom from here
  • On device go to bootloader/fastboot mode (press the Power button and Volume – button at the same time to enter bootloader mode).
  • Connect device with PC using USB Cable
  • Open Xiaomi Flash Tool, Extract downloaded Rom. Select Rom folder. Make sure there is no space in the rom address if there rename all folders with an underspace (_). The address should like this,  C:\Users\Akib\Desktop\whyred_global_images_8.7.12_20180712.0000.00_8.1_global
  • Refresh, You’ll see your device. Select ‘Clean all’ at bottom then flash. If you select ‘Clean all and lock’ then your bootloader will be locked again.

Part Five – How to Install TWRP Recovery and Root Your Device

  • Download Latest TWRP Recovery for your device from here. Rename the img file to twrp.img
  • On device go to developer options and enable USB Debugging. Then go to bootloader/fastboot mode (press the Power button and Volume – button at the same time to enter bootloader mode).
  • Connect device with PC using USB Cable.
  • Open NoNameTool Folder (mentioned up)
  • Copy the twrp.img into that folder.
  • Now Press Shift and Right Click  Open Command Prompt/ Powershell.
  • Enter following codes

fastboot devices

  • It will show that your device is connected.
  • Now Enter following codes

fastboot flash recovery twrp.img

fastboot boot recovery twrp.img

  • The device will boot into TWRP recovery.
  • If you want to Root your device. Download Latest Magisk from here.
  • Copy into your phone.
  • Boot into TWRP Recovery. Go to Install and Flash Then Reboot!
  • Enjoy! Your Device is now rooted.

Part Six – How to install Google Play Store into China MIUI ROM
If you are on China Rom and Can’t Find Google Play Store then don’t Panic. Google is restricted in China. So there is no Google services. But You can install it manually. (Internet Connection Required, Around 100mb)

Simply download thisIf you want to see the hidden content, please reply. Install it. Open it. Tap on Chinese words at bottom. Now the download process will run. It will ask for installing Google some apps. Allow them, Install them. After All Done, Reboot Your Device. Enjoy Google Play Store in China Rom.

Part Seven – Anti-RollBack Issue
Don’t afraid of Anti-RollBack issue. It is nothing but a simple issue. It means that, you cannot flash older roms on your device.
Suppose, If you are on MIUI 8.7.6, if you flash 8.7.5 it will hard-brick but if you flash 8.7.7 it will flash succesfully. So please make sure what rom version are you using and what version you are going to install.

If you want to go to China Rom from Global Rom. Don’t afraid, you can do it. Just Remember the ROM VERSION MUST BE SAME or LATEST.If you are on Global beta 8.7.16 then Flash China beta 8.7.16 or latest.
Be aware! If your device got bricked for Anti-RollBack issue, We have no solution. Go to nearest Mi Service Center!

By the way, You can do almost everything with Anti-RollBack.

  • You can flash TWRP again
  • You can Root Anti ROMs with Magisk or Disable Encryption
  • You can switch from CN builds to Global builds or vise versa
  • You can switch between all anti 4 builds just fine, like from 8.7.12 to or anything with anti 4
  • You can flash any AOSP/LOS based ROM
  • You can flash anti 4 fastboot ROMs

Here Is Our Some Video Tutorial